Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paddle Gear Post #1

I'm starting off with some newer paddle gear links.

Here's a waterproof combination bivy and down sleeping bag that packs in it's own drybag and will fit in those little 7 1/2" hatches on my old-school Nordkapp. It is called the Woodpecker WB(Water Block) made by Exped.

Leaking tent, tarp tent or no tent at all. Saves hatch space and allows a goods night sleep in those tight areas where a tent won't fit.

This company makes a lot of kool expedition stuff.
Check out their sleeping pads.

The Exped Site

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kayakbrooklyn said...

One note, although this is a kool idea, it is also very pricy. I'll stick with my one person tent/sleeping bag combo until I win the lottery:-)